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Medal of Honor gets a reboot! New Medal of Honor trailer. Exclusive interview!

Medal of Honor gets a reboot!
Check out what you need to know about this game.

New Medal of Honor trailer.
Watch "Leave a Message" trailer now at MoHCenter.

Exclusive interview!
..with one of the Medal of Honor Allied Assault designers!

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Download the Beta!
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Sp & MP art works
Medal of Honor (2010)

I found some art works of multiplayer maps. As you know, developers made some shots untill they're just about to start making environment for the game. We've 7 images, showing for example Helmand Valley from the beta of Medal of Honor. If you've seen previous MoH Experience videos, you will recognize two other maps which is airport and Shah I-Kot valley. There is also 8 art works showing single player locations.

By clicking the image showed below, you'll be able to enlarge any of the art works you want to see.

Source: mohplanet.nl / ps3blog.net
The MoH Experience (part 3 & 4)
Medal of Honor (2010)

Hi there! As you know, the MoH Expierience brings you uncut, unedited single player and multiplayer videos.

Check out the third installment, titled 'High Value Target'. Take a look at the brand new map - airport. I've to say that gameplay looks amazing. I can't wait to call in an air strike!

Fourth installment, subbed 'Friends From Afar', give us a glimpse into the single-player campaign. Keep your M82 Barrett sniper rifle steady and make sure that bad guy won't be able to operate this mortar!

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The MoH Experience (part 1 & 2)
Medal of Honor (2010)

EA decided to create a series of uncut, unedited single player and multiplayer videos.

In the first one dubbed 'Fallen Angel', DICE is showing their actual gameplay footage. Let's take a closer look at the new Medal of Honor's snowy mountain map located in Afghanistan.

Danger Close uploaded the second installment dubbed 'Gunfighters'. Footage from the campaign is showing the AH-64 Apache. We'll be a gunner firing off a sequence of Hydra-70, Hellfires and 30-millimeter M230 Chain Gun.

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DICE is improving the multiplayer..
Medal of Honor (2010)Medal of Honor beta is over but people from DICE are still improving the multiplayer side of the game.. We can find first feedback on the official PlayStation blog.. EA and DICE are very thankful to every Medal of Honor beta player for the testing and feedback. Here are more important changes and fixes already made by DICE in the multiplayer:

Improved Hit Detection
This was a very big issue and came up many times in the forums. We are glad to say that hit detection has been vastly improved. We really tightened up the mechanics and essentially, wherever the bullet hits on the body — that is where the hit registers. It is even possible to shoot and have the bullet go between someone’s legs – it is that precise!

Crash Fixes
Every beta has its crashes and the Medal of Honor beta was no different. We know it is frustrating, but it is all part of the beta process. The good news is that we have fixed the crashes and resolved a number of connectivity issues

Major Graphic Overhaul
The graphics have been overhauled and upgraded. We are happy to report that the game looks even more spectacular than before.

The weapons are essential to gameplay, obviously, and we made sure to concentrate on getting them right. The list is long and the changes are many. From zoom spread to damage inflicted, rest assured that every weapon has been modified.

Full post can be found at the official PlayStation blog.
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